Cyclovia Southwest

Come play in the street!

This summer, for four Sundays, come and celebrate your neighborhood while enjoying the activities that will be held on a circuit closed to traffic!

A festive and family event that promotes a healthy lifestyle, the Southwest Cyclovia allows pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and joggers to occupy a few kilometers of streets transformed, for the occasion, into entertainment areas where you can walk around safely and participate in many activities.

CX FEST 2018


Official launch of the 2018 season in Cyclocross. A festive, out of the ordinary event on a cyclocross course . Come celebrate with us no matter what bike you own. The course is accessible to all from 2 years to 77 years.

No results, no podiums, no medals: just FUN!!!

All funds raised will be used to develop learning tools (modules/track/maintenance) for the development of a complete bicycle training centre for the Plein Air Terrebonne group.


The Garnotte is our gravel bike designed for road and off road riding/racing. Manufactured of T800 carbon fiber it provides a great mix of compliance and stiffness. The design of the Garnotte is optimized for shorter rides on rougher terrain and cyclocross racing. The thing turns on a dime!

The Garnotte is a top of the line carbon fiber tank. It's Di2 ready, has disc brakes and thru axles for security and stiffness, and has internal cabling throughout. The integrated seat tube clamp reduces drag and keeps your post steady.

CAD $1269.99


The Kik is our ultralight bike for climbers and quick acceleration. At 6.9Kg it's barely UCI legal!
CAD $1289.99


The Ko, our full carbon aero bike. Too bad the other riders will only see it from the rear.
CAD $1199.99

Exclusive Offer

A gesture for our firefighters, police officers and EMTs.

English flyer

Not too long ago there was a gas leak in our building. So the usual thing happened : people ran out, the firemen ran in. I have always admired and respected our fighting heros : police officers, firefighters, EMTs. And we at Psi finally have the opportunity to thank them.

Ko demo on the cycling path

Mike smiling with two people

What a wonderful day! We had a great time at our bike demo on the Gouin bike path. It was beautiful outside and we were lucky enough to meet some very nice people. May they be cyclists or on foot! We brought our aero model, the Ko, and people loved it. And they also took part in the free bike tune-ups that I was giving. It's great to help people out.

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