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Borracho Fall Colour Frolic 2.0

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Welcoming all Borrachos back for the SECOND ANNUAL Fall Colour Frolic. Bring your biggest smiles and goofiest hats for this ride is bound to get loud & leisurely.

Tents and pants are optional but recommended. Bicycles or friends with tandems are mandatory.

As camping remains in the most scenic field of Robinson road, telescopes for late night lucid sky gazing are also suggested. Bonfires and not-so-lucid conversations are guaranteed to entail. For the low price of $15, you will get the softest grass on which to lay your head, a couple hydrating refreshments before and during the frolic, and a snack or two!

One rule - pack it in, pack it out! Please bring home all your garbage, recycling, and compost, thanks!

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