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Bromont for the Classique Printanière

The Bromont National Cycling Center is really a great place! We went to see the Yves Eugster Spring Classic to encourage our favorite racers the Marcotte family and were surprised by the number of installations on the premises. A national class BMX track, a skatepark, a halfpipe, a pump track, a velodrome and the MTB-XC track!

The event had an excellent commissioner and all the races were on time and without complications.

The Marcotte family was on fire even though it was the beginning of the season. The first to face the track and the cold was Shawn in the Pee-Wee category. Although a mechanical breakdown forced him to use his big sister's bike, he sent us a big "thumbs up" after the first lap! And he took the third step of the podium.

Shawn Marcotte on the right


The next on the list was Medrik, in the minime category, who had a great start and who managed to make several well placed attacks. Although he was overtaken in the middle of the race he managed to take control and regain ground and finish in a very well deserved 5th place.

Medrik Marcotte overtaking another victim!


The big finale of our day was Catryana's race in the expert cadets class. The expert race is not like the younger ones in the sense that there are MANY more racers on the track. This makes the race more stressful and the difficulty is multiplied. Despite these obstacles Catryana kept her focus and finished her race as the winner.

Catryana's determination


To see all the photos of the event you can go here.

We had a great day in Bromont, and we looking forward to seeing the Marcottes again at the next outing!

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