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Great time with the Montreal Bicycle Club!

Learning about carbon layout

We had a nice visit from the Montreal Bicycle Club 2 Wednesdays ago. They we invited to one of our Meet and Greets and we were delighted to receive them at the HQ. 

The group came here as a stop on their route, and we welcomed them with a nice hot cappuccino and some food. Which I believe was much appreciated. I have to said that I was particularly elated to listen to all of their stories about adventures all over the place! And I was definitely jealous that they were all out riding on a Wednesday morning :) 

Once we finished our snack I took some time to tell them about Psi and how we work and talked about some technical details about bikes and how they are made. There was a popped eyeballs when I showed them my SRAM Red eTap and how they just jumped around the work table wirelessly.

You can find out more about the Montreal Bicycle Club here

And to see all the pictures of the event you can click here.

We're looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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