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Psi Care


What is Psi Care?

Psi Care is the term that describes Psi Vélos' commitment to giving our customers the best customer experience in the industry before, during and after the purchase of a Psi bike. Psi Care consists of 8 service packages designed to transform our customers’ needs and expectations into a complete Psi bike, configured to satisfy their specific cycling needs, within their specified budget range, and with the highest quality standards.

Psi Care empowers our customers by making them the focus in the design and configuration process of their bike, from the conceptualization stage until the final delivery. No customer’s needs or wishes are overlooked or ignored. This is well described in our slogan “Your bike, designed with you and built by us.” That’s how our corporate values mesh and align with the needs of our customers.


The 8 Service Packages

1. Hospitality

We sell high end bikes and we believe our customers should be treated with high end hospitality.

Mica Olteanu, Psi Vélos

Services offered :

  • A friendly atmosphere like no other

  • Our initial dialogue with you helps to identify your motivations and communicate our brand values with you.

  • We strive for a positive customer engagement with our brand at this encounter 
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Our customers are precious to us. And we believe that hospitality is what we owe to every customer, from our initial encounter with you, all through your customer journey at PsiVélos.

At Psi Vélos, you are welcomed with a smile and a warm cup of coffee. We are at the start of an important adventure and we acknowledge it. Purchasing a high end customized bike is an expensive and long process and we are here to support you in any way we can.


2. Rider Interview

We believe that the purchase of a high end personalized bike is a big step, and deserves to be treated as such. We take our time in order to get it right.

Mike Wallace, Psi Vélos

Your cycling goals matter to us and we take every aspect of your cycling needs, curiosity, doubts and expectations to heart.

Services offered :

  • We determine your cycling needs and desires through the use of a personalized interview. The outcome of which is kept in your private online profile. 

  • We determine your physiology using specialized equipment and technology.

  • We consider your health ailments when determining your configuration. For example, do your knees, feet or wrist hurt when you ride?

  • Together we determine which frame is best for you, and the complete list of components that will create your dream bike.
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Through engaged dialogue, coupled with our mutual cycling experiences, we  determine your cycling goals, needs, and desires. This is the beginning of the conceptualization process of your dream Psi bike.

However, your desires are predicated on your body's needs. We take your body measurements to determine your unique body shape and size. Health related issues like; "Is your body better suited for narrower bars or others?", "Do your knees, feet or wrist hurt when you ride?" can be resolved by decisions based on data driven facts. The right size for your frame and body shape is determined. 

Psi Vélos' state of the art BiciSupport BS160 measuring tool would be used to measure your overall height and weight, inseam, and other required bone lengths, in order to have all the input metrics that we will need to determine your preferred bike size, stack height, reach, stem angle, crank length, seat height and more. This enables us to obtain more correct answers and solutions to questions and problems relating to your health and physical structure, in ways that relate to and enhance your cycling capabilities all the while protecting you from injury.


3. Unlimited configuration of your bike

The best bike for you is the one that meets the criteria you set. At Psi, custom-configuration is a quest to boost cycling performance and achieve a pure and powerful ride.

Mike Wallace, Psi Vélos

Services offered :

  • You will receive a balanced fit instead of a singular fit because we at Psi Vélos believe in a holistic fit as the best way to achieve comfort, power and speed.

  • Our BS150 measuring tool would be used to determine the correct bike angles, seat height, reach and others.

  • We would identify the right bike components and combination that matches your intended bike weight limits and fulfills your cycling objectives.
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After determining your physiology, Psi experts would use this data as a great starting point to determine your bike fitting. We combine design features and technologies in order to enhance the performance of your bike by determining the ‘right mix between aerodynamics, weight, stiffness, ride quality so that it can be used on specific terrains of your choice. 

Our BS150 measuring tool would be used to determine the correct bike angles, seat height, reach and others. By so doing, we could make multiple test configurations before making any adjustments on your bike. In addition, we would identify the right bike components that suit your cycling objectives. For example, the right size saddle and custom foot beds in order to increase your comfort, efficiency and performance during riding. We ensure that your bike configuration and design transforms your weaknesses and limitations into opportunities.This is what we describe atPsiVélosas “shifting your cycling boundaries.”


4. Financial Freedom

Your dream bike should be acquired with less financial hurdles.

Mica Olteanu, Psi Vélos

Services offered :

  • We offer two financial payment plans ranging from zero interest rates to low rates.

  • They include Psi financing and Desjardin Access D.
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Our job is to satisfy your specific cycling goals within your budget. 

We want our customers to finance their dream Psi bike without hurdles. For example, pay no interests if all payments are made following the Psi Vélos' payment plan. Alternatively, our partnership with Caisse Populaire Desjardins, provides an affordable payment plan with 0% interest rate or in some cases relatively low interest payment expenditures. This is another evidence of how we put our customers’ interest and benefits first, thus fulfilling the main purpose of Psi Care.

  • Option 1 –Psi Financing (0%interest): Click on the link below for detailed information.

  • Option 2 -BankFinancing(0% 0rInterest):You can apply through us by clicking on the application link below to connect to Accord D of Dejardin. You have the option of selecting between a 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 28, 30, 36, 48, 60 months of equal instalment payments at an interest rate of 13.5%. (Add table with all details as on the sheet from the bank).


5. Quality control

Watch the entire assembly process of your bike in a video

Mike Wallace, Psi Vélos

Complete documentation of production of your bike

Services offered :

  • You will see all of the quality control steps your bike would go through, so that you should be assured of the quality you will receive from us.

  • The frameset are from Psi and the Rims are from Freedom which is part of the Psi family brand.

  • Bicycle and components are purchased at the most competitive prices from the reputable suppliers in the cycling industry.
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When you purchase a Psi bike, you are purchasing a high end bike and you will see all of the quality control steps to prove this. Bicycle and components are imported from the most reputable suppliers in the cycling industry, both locally and worldwide, depending on your brand preferences and performance specifications. Psi Vélos objective is to obtain the highest quality and reliable components at the most competitive prices possible, so that our customer ends up with a Psi Bike that has the highest quality and performance standards at the most competitive price possible in the market.

Below are the lists of some of the components to be imported and what we do in order to ensure that the final assembling process is performed following the most reliable quality assurance procedures as prescribed by Psi Vélos internal norms and standards which are aligned with international quality standards that ensures the high quality in bike manufacturing. 

Frameset: Select a suitable frame size and preferred geometry based on the understanding of the customers’ position, fit and handling preferences. (Complementary components: Saddle, Seatpost, Pedal, Crank).

Fork:The fork is often integrated with the design of the frame and as a result there is no possibility to use another brand or model. (Complementary components: Handlebar, stem).

Groupset or transmission braking/components: Most likely to be acquired from a single brand because it is the most convenient and cost effective way to obtain the majority of the parts at the same time (shifting, braking and transmission). Some of our partners are: Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, SunRace, MicroShift , Rotor, FSA, Miche. However, we also offer the opportunity of mixing components of the groupset from different brands depending on the customer’s preference and budget.

Wheels: You choose which hubs, spokes and general design go along with our Freedom rims

Tires: Clinchers, tubulars or tubeless tires are all possible options within our supplier network


6. Test rides and quality approvals by you

The quality of our bikes must adhere to your high standards.

Mike Wallace, Psi Vélos

Services offered :

  • Your bike undergoes a series of t ests following a check list of criteria prescribed by Psi Vélos' internal quality standards.

    • Some key points of our Tests
      • ?
  • Following the approval of the professional testers, the owner of the bike would be given the opportunity to test ride your bike in order to approve the tests on our checklists. 

  • The goal is to ensure that you are satisfied and aware of the fulfillment of the quality criteria we promised you before and during the conceptualization and design process of your bike. 

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This value delivery process involves verifying the measurements to ensure that they adhere to the customer’s cycling objectives. A series of tests are made following a check list of criteria the bike must fulfil before it is delivered to the customer.

The bike must conform and if possible exceed Psi Vélos' maximum quality standards and expectations. Our goal is to ensure that every Psi bike exerts a higher quality and greater reliability than its predecessors. We describe this at Psi Vélos as continuous improvement of our products. We aim to exceed your expectations. This is the reason we at Psi Vélos consider our bikes to be a platform to enhance the cycling life of our riders in ways that enables them overcome and exceed their limitations in the safest way possible. Our products and our customers’ cycling ambitions remain our greatest passion.

During the test ride, Psi experts who are former members of top teams and athletes in cycling, would ride the bike in the presence of the customer in one of the cycling tracks of Laval, located few meters away from Psi Vélos Inc. Thereafter, with the approval of the professional testers, the customer would be given the opportunity to test ride their bike. Based on their feedback, adjustments would be made to rectify any irregularities from his or her perspective.


7. Bike Remittance

We want to create a celebration for you big day!

Mica Olteanu, Psi Vélos

Services offered :

  • You are expected to pick up your bike at Psi Vélos headquarters in Laval because a hand-over ceremony is performed to make this day memorable.

  • If you cannot pick-up your bike, Psi Vélos is opened to alternative suggestions regarding the best possible and safest means to deliver the bike to you.
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It's a tradition at Psi Vélos that we offer a small reception for the customer by popping a champagne of good luck in a small and informal ceremony which could last for 30 minutes max.  This is a great adventure and we all can share in the joy of receiving a new Psi bike. Our customers are an integral part of the Psi Vélos family. Under Psi Care, Customer Care does not end at the delivery of your Psi bike, but rather intensifies.  We accompany you every step of your cycling evolution because it's our pride to see you become better.


8.Warranty and Protection

We protect and guarantee your bike and warranty respectively.

Mike Wallace, Psi Vélos

Services offered :

  • One free Gold tune up per year for as long as you own your bike

  • Psi Vélos branded products such as the frame and fork are covered by a 2 year warranty.

  • Freedom branded products such as rims, handlebars, and steams are covered by a 1 year warranty.

  • We will also take care of warranty issues for all components on your bike.

  • Protection provides substantial advice to riders on how to protect themselves from injuries as well as their Psi bikes from accidents and crashes which may prevent them from exercising their rights of access to warranty, hence the benefits that comes with it.
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The main objectives of Psi Warranty and Protection are to ensure that all Psi Vélos customers are safe and worry free. Every customer is clearly informed about the duration and conditions of coverage under Psi Vélos warranty agreement and that of its suppliers.