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Complete evaluation of your needs

Life on a bikeThe first step when buying a Psi bike is an in depth conversation to determine your needs and goals. We'll sit down, have an espresso and go through a questionnaire while some races play in the background for inspiration.

This is where we will determine what kind of bike will work best for you. The subtle differences between an aero bike, a climbing bike, and a gravel bike can make it hard to choose. We'll guide you along that journey.

In depth rider measurements to determine your perfect setup

BicisupportOnce we have spent some time choosing a bike frame it's time to measure you so we can get the best fit possible. Our specialized machines imported from Italy will allow us to get a complete picture of your measurement, as well as measuring the setup on your current bike. Our third machine is designed to test out your fit and determine the exact sizes that you will need on your new bike.

Full customization of your bike

Ko with flamesPsi bikes are made by hand in our shop. This allows for complete customization of all components. Do you prefer SRAM over Shimano? No problem. You want Chris King components? We have you covered. Do you want purple colored components? Done.

We can even create a custom paint job for you. Pink bike to go with the purple components? Sure.

Bike maintenance and repair

Trust meAll Psi bikes come with free yearly maintenance for as long as you own the bike. Hopefully that's all you'll need. But if you have any problems, our shop is completely equipped to handle all eventualities.